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We are onlineglassmarket and our Mother company is Ambala Glass and Plywood Co. which was founded by Mr. Subhash Chander Wadhwa over 50 years ago. We are having 4 divisions of onlineglassmarket & Glass Advizor is our first division its deals in only Toughened Glass work from last 10 years. In our industry, we are known as innovators who bring new products and techniques to our customers. We deal in Commercial and Residential projects like Shopping Mall, Vilas, Cinemas, and Premium Houses etc. We work with them, tailoring solutions exactly to their needs. In consultation with architects & other design professionals, we can develop the glass specifications for both large and small projects.

It is the policy of onlineglassmarket to pursue our business in a manner that achieves economic objectives while simultaneously addressing environmental goals and to go beyond the current standards for environmental conduct by creating products that have a net positive impact on the environment. This requires that we conduct our operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and perform our functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of our customers, employees and neighbors.

We are more than just a name

Our approach to service reflects our history. You can count on us for quality, value and a personal response every time you call, every time you visit. If you have questions about glass, or a project with special requirements, contact us. You’ll see a world of difference.


This environmental statement & policy is fundamental to Glass Advizor’s vision. All employees are obligated to know and follow this Policy. onlineglassmarket executive and management will support all efforts to achieve the goals of this policy.

Our Mission

At onlineglassmarket, we understand that close collaboration with customers is required to understand their issues and future needs. Hence, we strive to achieve greater efficiencies though continuous improvement of internal processes. Resources must be dedicated towards design improvements and technological advancements. We must diligently work on interdepartmental and interdivisional communication, collaboration and teamwork. Our workforce must grow, in capability, and in knowledge of our markets, and we must build a culture of pride. For several years we have been creating unique and innovative glass solutions for technical, industrial, and commercial applications. To achieve our mission and to meet our customer’s expectations we follow a set of values that guide all of our actions. We aspire to live these values every day; they are the foundation of our culture and define who we are and the way we operate in the world.

Mr. Sumit Wadhwa
Managing Director

Quality is Our Mission

At onlineglassmarket, our optical components are held to the highest industry standard. We utilize the best equipment to ensure that your products are delivered with top-notch results. We strive to

At onlineglassmarket, we go to great lengths to make the process of purchasing glass for your residential or commercial project the experience it should be. Just contact us by filling out our online information form telling us a bit about you and your project. Our professionals will quickly team up with you to insure that your project is as successful as it can possibly be. Our mission is to make the world safer and more productive through excellence in glass science, collaborative innovation, and the production of technical glass for unique and demanding applications. We hold dear:

Our Vision

Vision Statement

We will become a most valuable resource to our Customers, by delivering exceptional products and service at a competitive price, while continuously improving Customer-Value via innovation and cost effectiveness.

Values Statement:

WHY CHOOSE onlineglassmarket?

At onlineglassmarket, our continued growth is driven by our business philosophy, state of the art equipment, extensive glass inventory and employees dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. The biggest advantage onlineglassmarket has over its competitors is its 10 dedicated engineers who not only build and customize glass fabrication equipment, but also provide customers with choices and options for an optimum, cost effective design. As a result of this upfront glass-fabrication consultation with expert engineers, customers think of onlineglassmarket as an extension of their businesses. onlineglassmarket engineers examine a customer’s needs and first help select the type of glass. Then they will detail down on the order and recommend to customers which glass fabrication steps are really necessary and which are not. Customers receive different options for fabricating their glass products. onlineglassmarket has the expertise and a company ethic to inform customers when they are adding to some heavy costs on their part and tell them how they can reduce them.

This unique collaborative process gives each onlineglassmarket customer:

Because it is an engineer-driven glass fabrication company, onlineglassmarket engineers can even go to your facility to observe you work with the glass and to give you suggestions and tips in terms of cleaning, inspecting, handling and assembly. This level of expert consultation and the commitment to train and teach its customers is a huge advantage of choosing onlineglassmarket as your fabricator.


About Us

We are onlineglassmarket and our Mother company is Ambala Glass and Plywood Co. which was founded by Mr. Subhash Chander Wadhwa over 50 years ago. We are having 4 divisions in onlineglassmarket & Austin Glaze.